HERO Management

The HERO is too big for any for-profit company or individual to run. We’ll leave that to a neutral “HERO Foundation” or “Legion of HERO Supers” to supervise and maintain. They can turn on the HERO for trading when they have identified enough reliable people to run the defining price feeds.

Legion of Super Heros

Note that our original definition of the Hero allows for the possibility that it may need to decouple from the dollar if USD begins to collapse or gets pushed aside as some expect in the near future. Thus, the neutral HERO Foundation will need to supervise a conservative process of adapting the formula definition in a way that tracks the most stable value point of reference, +5%, in a seamless, transient free way. Any such changes should be announced far in advance so the value of the HERO is reliably predictable.

Roadmap for the future Hero Foundation:

  1. Start with simple formula pegged to USD+5% that’s easy to explain.
  2. Setup a legal structure with a foundation to set the asset’s parameters
  3. Reach world domination
  4. Smooth transition to a basket of world reserve currencies +5%


Decentralization maximalists will remark that the HERO management constitutes a single point of failure - which is entirely true. However, even if the HERO foundation fails, ownership of the HERO can easily be moved to the BitShares committee, which would give BTS shareholders ultimate control over the HERO.