HERO Vision


The following is an excert from the original announcement as made by Stan Larimer. As such, no guarantee is given to the correctness. Please note the Disclaimer

The HERO is a unit of digital currency whose value is mathematically pegged to the US dollar plus 5% APR since the Creature from Jekyll Island began printing it in 1913. Today the value of the dollar is worth less than 2 cents in 1913 dollars. The HERO is worth over $150 in 2017.

Here’s the key point. Nobody in cryptodom has put a product together that matters to the mainstream public. Most don’t care about cryptocurrencies and still trust the current system. But if they could earn 5%, that is suddenly speaking their language. Why should they put up with slim or negative interest rates from their banks? This, I believe, is the way to bypass the speculative altcoin markets and offer a simple, useful product directly to the masses. The HERO doesn’t care about rankings on coinmarketcap. It is designed, with all due respect, to compete with fiat!

How much demand does the world’s population have for what amounts to a
secure, liquid certificate of deposit (CD) appreciating at 5% APR from
day of deposit to day of withdrawal?

The HERO is Honest Money. It is backed by transparently auditable equity in an income-producing company, not debt or gold long pilfered from Fort Knox. Honest money on an incorruptible, light speed, smart contract platform might just result in economic superconductivity.

The HERO could become the new flagship of the bitAsset family of financial instruments that use equity in the platform as collateral to back those assets with no counterparty risk. The consumer no longer needs to worry whether that backing will be quietly diluted, seized, or rehypothecated. They are transparently held in robotically honest escrow - visible for public inspection at all times.